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Evans Fitness Club is a preferred NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) fitness club. Our trainers have access to receive the nation’s highest quality education and specialty certifications. Through this partnership, when members choose a trainer that is NASM certified, they can expect to receive the best guidance and instruction to reach their fitness goals.

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Austin Smith

SPECIALTY: Weight Management, Functional Training, Senior Fitness


ABOUT ME: I’m a fun loving, hard-working guy who brings motivation and charisma to every workout! Quitting is not an option with me, only striving to be the best you!




HOBBIES: Hiking, Kayaking, Outdoor sports, Basketball, Walking my dog



Scott Boutwell

SPECIALTY: Scott has trained many differing populations. This spans from a 93-year-old needing basic functionality and mobility, to the gym goer that needs to lose 80 pounds, and all the way to professional athletes. Whatever your specific need is, he can make a plan to reach your goals in a safe, functional, and effective manner.


ABOUT ME: Scott has a fitness background that spans over a decade of experience. This background comes along with a great dedication to the science and methodology of exercise. He has a background in personal training for some of the biggest gym names in the business such as Anytime Fitness, Golds Gym, and LA Fitness. In addition, He has served at the collegiate level as a strength and conditioning coach and served as the post-rehab specialist at an athlete performance gym. During his career, he has also spent time training professional athletes of the professional level in preparation for upcoming seasons and scouting combines. Overseeing the EFC training department allows him to utilize his Master programming background in every single EFC personal training client’s individually designed routine.


Graceland University BS 2016 – Corrective Exercise and Athlete Performance Enhancement
American College of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer
National Academy of Sports Medicine – Corrective Exercise Specialist
National Academy of Sports Medicine – Performance Enhancement Coach


HOBBIES: Scott played 4 years of High School football starting 3 of them and being named Team captain his senior season playing as an offensive and defensive lineman. He decided to continue his career at the collegiate level playing 5 seasons as a linebacker and defensive end. After college, Scott spent time with 3 teams at the professional Indoor Football Level of the sport playing 2 seasons as a Defensive Lineman. This year, he will be competing with the Augusta Ducks Semi-Pro Football team on the D line.

Tyler Kocher

SPECIALTY: My focus is a holistic approach to health and wellness. My style of training varies from client to client, and I enjoy unpredictability in each workout no matter the client’s age or fitness level.


ABOUT ME: First and foremost, I am a follower of Jesus Christ. My body is a temple, and my life has purpose. In 2006 I became passionate about my personal health and wellbeing. Over the years, I’ve trained many different ways. I’ve trained and competed in CrossFit, body building/men’s physique, power lifting, strong man, and even took part in a triathlon. I feel fulfilled watching others reach their fitness goals, and I’m ready to push my clients to their next level.


EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATION: Certified personal trainer through International Sports Science Association (ISSA)


HOBBIES: I enjoy wood/metal working and doing anything outdoors. I also enjoy spending time with my wife and our dog.

Katie Blackburn

SPECIALTY: Weight Loss, Strength, Training, and Fitness Comp Prep


ABOUT ME: Hi, I am Katie Blackburn. I have always been an active person who liked to stay in shape. As the years went by and I became a mom, I realized that staying fit was not going to be as easy as it was when I was in my early 20’s. Creeping up on 30 was slowly making being fit harder. In 2010, I started working for a health club after the birth of my second daughter and this is where I began my journey as a FIT Mom.


EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATION: SCW Sports Nutrition, SCW Fitness Education, SCW Personal Training Certification SCW Behavior and Health Coaching


HOBBIES: Spending time with my daughters, Competing as a Natural Biking Pro, Movies, Traveling, and Skiing

Darla Keen

SPECIALTY: Weight Loss and Strength Training


ABOUT ME: I’ve always had a passion for health and fitness. I started in Jr. High as a cheerleader. I was always having to be conditioned for my sport. As an adult, I enjoy using my knowledge to help others obtain their goals and to live a healthy lifestyle.


EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATION: N.C.S.F. Certified and Les Mills Body Pump Certified


HOBBIES: Working out, Hiking, Spending time with family, and Bikini competitions

Jermel Bennett

SPECIALTY: Bootcamp Instructor


ABOUT ME: Personal training, softball coach, sports, agility, and conditioning training.


EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATION: B.A. in General Studies and Personal Training


HOBBIES: Fishing, Training, Playing sports & video games

Amanda Gyves

SPECIALTY: Silver Sneakers Classic, Yoga, Les Mills BodyPump, Les Mills BodyFlow, and Les Mills Barre


ABOUT ME: After serving as the captain of her Division 1 Collegiate Track and Field team, Amanda spent 6 years in the Army. Now as a personal trainer, she teaches a variety of group exercise classes in hopes of reaching and impacting as many clients as possible. Her foundation in yoga helps guide her in skeletal alignment and muscle balance. She is a 200-hr certified yoga teacher and has her Personal Training Certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

“I want you to feel, be and look your best at any age with activities that get you excited to move for a lifetime of health and wellness.”


EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATION: NASM Certified Personal Trainer and 200-hr Certified Yoga Teacher

Samantha Wuensch

SPECIALTY: Strength training


ABOUT ME: Samantha has always lived an active lifestyle. From playing softball and basketball in high school to distance running in college, she has always maintained the mentality of an athlete. After college, she refocused her fitness routines to start lifting heavier weights and fueling her body in ways that were conducive to building muscle mass. After she witnessed considerable muscle gain along with empowerment, strength and an increase self-worth and confidence, she knew that personal training would be her niche. She believes in self-discipline and accountability.


“I believe my personal fitness experiences an involvement in sports have instilled in me a strong work ethic and a sense of integrity that have been invaluable.”




HOBBIES: Spending time with her family and her husky, Oakley.


SPECIALTY: Agility and Flexibility, Strength and Conditioning, Overall Fitness and Well-being.


ABOUT ME: I enjoy bringing out the best version of  individuals through helping accomplish fitness goals. I played high-school football,  baseball and basketball and I’ve coached 14, 15, 16, and 17yr olds on the AAU basketball level. I’ve also played college basketball and a little pro-am for 3 years. Fitness has always been apart of my life for as long as I can remember so I just want to give back everything I have been blessed with to motivate and possibly inspire individuals to live a better quality of life through hard work and dedication.


EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATION: Certified CPT, Nutritionist, Strength and Condition through The International Sports Science Academy


HOBBIES: Working out, Playing basketball, Anything adventurous and outdoors, preparing healthy meals and listening to good music.

Chris Brown

SPECIALTIES: Developing Lifestyle & Weight Management Programs, Strength Training


ABOUT ME: A fitness enthusiast since high school, He has always believed in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. As an ACE certified personal trainer, he enjoys working with any type of individual whether they just want to lose weight or get in shape. He likes to challenge and encourage his clients to surpass their physical and mental boundaries by using functional and weight exercises. As the trainer, he will take your health and wellness personally and work alongside you to help achieve all of your fitness goals. With your determination and dedication, you can make anything happen.


EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATION: ACE-Certified Professional Trainer


HOBBIES: Spending time with family, weight lifting, any outdoor activities

Deionte Turner

SPECIALTIES: Weight Loss, Sport Specific Training, Endurance Training, Military Related Training.


ABOUT ME: Deionte Turner has always enjoyed sports and fitness. After graduating high school, where he played varsity basketball and ran cross country, he decided to become an infantryman in the US Army. In basic training Deionte discovered his love for training others by leading PT group sessions and Individual Training sessions helping multiple soldiers improve their fitness scores to passing. Following basic training, he attained his first certification for Personal Training and Sports Nutrition to start his career in Atlanta, Ga. Deionte later began working in group fitness and with local athletes to spread his knowledge and passion for fitness to others before moving to Augusta, where he continues to help others reach any fitness goals they may have at Evans Fitness Club.


EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATION: National Academy of Sports Medicine-CPT, Nutritionist Certified, U.S Army Physical Fitness Badge and Certified Personal Trainer


HOBBIES: Deionte enjoys playing basketball, boxing, and hiking; the outdoors, animals, and nature in general; and spending time with family.

Mitchell Hogue

SPECIALTIES: Weight Loss, Sport Specific Training, Endurance Training, Military Related Training.


ABOUT ME: Mitchell has been a Personal Trainer for more than 10 years and is well versed in multiple areas. He is also an avid weightlifter and has competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. In 2016, his fitness goals came to a halt as he suffered a stroke. Once fully recovered, he continued to make progress in the gym and as a trainer. Mitchell has worked at several gyms in the area and has helped clients place very well at bodybuilding competitions. He has also helped clients reach their goals whether it was weight loss or muscular gain. Currently, he is helping a powerlifter become successful on the national stage. Mitchell is knowledgeable in many styles of training such as: Boot Camp, Circuit Training, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Athletic Performance, and General Fitness.


EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATION: Certified Personal Trainer. Mitchell holds an Associates Degree in Education from Georgia Military College. He is currently working on his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology with a focus in nutrition.


Bradyn Sellars

My name is Bradyn Sellars, and I began working with clients in 2019. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Functional Movement Specialist; both certifications issued by the American Council on Exercise. My personal athletic background is in soccer, and I transitioned into powerlifting in college. I specialize in strength and athletic development, as well as weight management programming. Fitness is more than just what we can do in the gym, it encompasses our whole life. My goal is to provide a new awareness of the importance of nutrition and training as it pertains to our overall well-being.


Haley Chochol

Haley has always been an athlete, growing up participating in competition cheer, soccer, and cross country. She has a passion for health and wellness and loves having a positive impact on others lives. While studying exercise science at Georgia Southern University, Haley Competed research on Sport Comparison of Anthropometrics Between Division-1 Female Collegiate Athletes for Georgia Southern University. She successfully presented her findings in a presentation at the Southeast American College of Sports Medicine conference representing the Kinesiology program at her university. She has a background in physical therapy working with patients who have had strokes, amputations, burns, and other debilitating life changing injuries. This experience has given her the knowledge to train a wide variety of clients here at the gym. With her genuine personality and ability to connect with her clients, she has quickly grown her clientele and continues to prove herself as a top competitor in the personal training industry.

Education and Certification: Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology- Exercise Science, with a minor in Psychology, Certified Personal Trainer, BLS/CPR certified

Specialty: Strength Training, Weight Loss, Geriatrics

Adrienne Stubbs

Specialties: Weight loss, strength training, and nutrition. I design each training program to the specific goals of each client.

About Me: I have a long background in athletics; starting with basketball, volleyball, and track in middle school; track and cheerleading in high school; continuing cheering through college. I am a mom of two that continues to stay fit to keep up with them. In 2018, I had spinal surgery, leaving me frustrated and on a long road to recovery. After this experience, I will always appreciate and be blessed for what the human body can do if you put your mind to it. I have a new love for running, completing many 5K’s, 3 half marathons, and training for my first marathon in November 2022. I love life – doing my best to live the best.

Education: B.A. Music Education vocal concentration, Masters of Cosmetology, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Nutrition Coach

Hobbies: Crosswords, running, traveling, hiking, spending time with my boys, I try to grow plants but they usually die

Jiyo Torres

Specialties: Weight loss, nutrition, endurance training, military training, strength and hypertrophy training.

Bio: Jiyo’s passion for fitness started at an early age due to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, folkstyle wrestling, and other martial arts that his father enrolled him in. In 2013, Jiyo joined the United States Army and worked at the United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, where he assisted in Military Performance, nutrition, and medicinal studies. His passion for fitness erupted when he used weight training to recover from a severe leg injury. His passion for leading and training others developed after serving as an instructor in the United States Army.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Nutrition (2022). Associate of Science in Health Sciences (2017). NASM CPT. Army Combat Fitness Test Level 2 trainer.

Hobbies: Sports, fishing, hiking, cooking, reading, and working out.