Cryotherapy at Evans Fitness Club

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a recovery technique that may give competitive athletes an edge by enhancing preparation and reducing recovery time so they can train harder and maximize performance. For decades, ice baths have been one of the recovery therapies of choice for collegiate and professional or elite athletes, but just as training methods have evolved, so have methods to relieve pain and accelerate recovery.


Benefits Experienced By Users


We cannot make medical claims regarding the results of cryotherapy, but we can discuss the benefits frequently reported by users. Some benefits that users have reported experiencing includes:

  • Alleviation of Muscle & Joint Pain
  • Promotion of Weight Loss
  • Anxiety & Depression Relief
  • Reduced Signs of Aging
  • Better Sleep Patterns
  • Eases Arthritis Pain
  • Reducing Inflammation

How does it work?


You’ll undress to your level of comfort and put on your cryo safe garb – a nice, fluffy robe, booties, thermal socks, and gloves.


Before the session, the tech will pre-cool the cryosauna. Once complete, they’ll help you enter the machine, close the door, and let you to (modestly!) disrobe.


As the session begins, you’ll feel the cold, dry, nitrogen vapor surrounding you. Your tech will be there the entire 3-minutes to talk you through the process. You’ll rotate, dance, wiggle… anything to keep your mind off the chill.


You may hear a beeping sound every 31 seconds – don’t be alarmed! The cryosauna is alerting your tech to click the “okay” button to keep the session going and is implemented to ensure your safety.


Pretty soon, the 3 minutes are up and tada!..your session is over! Congrats, you’ve now experienced cryo!