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The EDGE Athletes Need for Peak Performance

Impact Cryotherapy is a recovery technique that may give competitive athletes an edge by enhancing preparation and reducing recovery time so they can train harder and maximize performance. For decades, ice baths have been one of the recovery therapies of choice for collegiate and professional or elite athletes. But just as training methods have evolved, so have methods to relieve pain and accelerate recovery.

Professional teams in Europe and the United States have added whole body cryotherapy to their training regimens. Impact Cryotherapy has recently placed equipment in several NCAA Division 1 collegiate athletic programs and many of their athletes have embraced it.

An Impact Cryotherapy unit is a natural addition to the equipment and technologies you provide for your athletes. If you haven’t tried the latest form of cold therapy, visit Evans Fitness Club today to inquire about how cryotherapy could benefit you and help to maximize your athletic performance.

PT Members:
$360 = 30 sessions
$300 = 20 sessions
$175  10 sessions
$20 = 1 session
Regular Members:
$450 = 30 sessions
$350 = 20 sessions
$200 = 10 sessions
$25 = 1 session
Non Members:
$1,050 = 30 sessions
$800 = 20 sessions
$450 = 10 sessions
$50 = 1 session



More info coming soon.